Mission Statement and Principles

Cheerberg's mission is to meet our clients needs by using the highest level of expertise, innovative forward planning and our solid corporate infrastructure. The cornerstones to our success are:

● Safety
● Economy
● Scheduling
● Flexibility
● Cooperation

We have a clear idea of what the future should hold. And we have the expertise and experience to make that future happen.

We strive to be your top choice by offering innovative solutions.

We focus on business areas that promise added-value potential.

No matter what we do: The needs of our customers come first, as we are aiming to create lasting partnerships in a spirit of hand-in-hand cooperation.

Opportunities are expanding worldwide. Cheerberg International exports know-how and expertise to new markets in the world economy.

Economic Success

Our top-priority is to provide long-term economic success to our clients, employees and suppliers. By continually innovating and improving, we are prepared for meeting future challenges. ​
Team Work and

We respect human rights and promote common welfare. ​
Project Success

A successful project includes Functionality, Aesthetics, Reliability,
​On-time completion and Quality.
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